Recipe: Pierogie Reuben Casserole

   The inspiration for this vegetarian recipe was found on a box of Mrs. T’s frozen pierogies. If you don’t know what they are, then you aren’t familiar with Polish food. Pierogies are the Slavic version of ravioli. Inside two layers of pasta is a filling of potatoes and cheese, potatoes and onion, potatoes cheese and onions, potatoes and sauerkraut, or even a fruit filling such as prunes or cherries. They are usually triangular shaped, and the potato varieties are the most common. I grew up on homemade pierogies, but thankfully they can now be puchased in most grocery stores in the frozen food section. To make them from scratch is an all day project. Pierogies can be boiled, fried, or baked. This recipe is so easy because you can use the frozen pierogies with no advance preparation at all. It goes together in minutes!


About 20 frozen pierogies (Mrs. T’s tastes most like the ones my grandmother used to make, so I always use that brand although there are others out there)

One 2 lb. bag of sauerkraut (get this in the refrigerated deli section of your grocery store; it’s always better than the canned variety), drained

6 slices of vegetarian Swiss cheese (I used Galaxy Nutritional Foods Veggie Slices)

One 10 oz. package Boca Meatless Italian Sausages (cut in half and then thinly sliced lengthwise)

One cup Thousand Island Dressing (look for vegetarian)

   Layer half the pirogies in an oblong glass casserole. Top with half the sauerkraut,  meatless sausage, Veggie Slices, and 1/2 cup dressing; then another layer of pierogies and the remaining ingredients as before. Top with rye croutons if desired, or simply serve with warm rye bread.

   Bake at 350 degrees for 30 – 40 minutes until hot and bubbling. Serves 6 – 8 people.

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