Restaurant review: Good Eatz Green Cafe

Good Eatz Green Cafe, 701 Penn Ave., West Reading, PA 19611.  610-670-4885.  Open Monday – Saturday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Good Eatz is a new restaurant on the main strip in the quaint shopping district of West Reading.  Advertised as a green cafe, you can expect to find quality organic ingredients in an ecologically responsible environment.  Their baked goods are not only organic, but gluten-free. Many vegetarian, and even vegan, options are available, and the friendly and helpful staff is more than willing to make alterations to suit your dietary requirements. This is a blessing for those who avoid eating out because of complicated dietary restrictions or preferences.  The decor is modern and relaxed without being too trendy. I found the menu to be reasonably priced for the quality and variety of menu selections.

Last night I visited with a few friends, all of us ordering vegetarian dishes. My sauteed vegetable wrap was a delightful surprise for someone who has gnawed through many dry tasteless wraps at restaurants before. This wrap at Good Eatz was by far the BEST vegetable wrap I have ever had. It included a generous amount of broccoli rabe, butternut squash, onions, cubanel pepper, grilled asparagus, and hummus in a big gluten-free wrap. Included was a generous side serving of quinoa pasta vegetable salad garnished with an organic orange slice and a whole dried date. Delicious.

Other dishes ordered at our table included the Harvest Salad, a compilation of roasted butternut squash, grilled asparagus, dried cranberries, spiced walnuts, and cherry tomato served on a bed of mixed greens with a cranberry white balsamic vinaigarette.  The pasta primavera included a whole grain gluten-free pasta with a variety of organic vegetables tossed with an aoli sauce served with grilled whole grain gluten-free bread.

The entire presentation of each entree was lovely besides being delicious and ample enough to satisfy the most ravenous appetite. After considering ordering bottled water with our meals we were encouraged by the waitress to try their filtered tap water to drink.  Another surprise — this tap water tasted better than the spring water we have delivered to our home! (More restaurants should consider the quality of water they serve. Bad water even changes the taste of  food).

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who is concerned about their food choices and the environment.  If you want to enjoy an evening out or just a quick lunch knowing that you are eating for the health of your body and the planet, then Good Eatz is the perfect destination. My meal came to under $10.00 with tax. What a deal! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

3 thoughts on “Restaurant review: Good Eatz Green Cafe

  1. Two weeks after my first visit to Good Eatz my husband and I went for our Valentine’s Day dinner. I had told him to expect great food at wonderful prices. Imagine his shock when we were given their special Valentine’s Day menu @ $50.00/person. Well, we decided to stay anyway, and we were so glad we did. This restaurant outdid themselves that night! For $50.00 we got an appetizer, soup, salad, entree, dessert, beverage, and complimentary wine (if desired). All food was their signature delicious organic, gluten-free, and for us vegetarian. A live jazz-type ensemble was playing for the two hours we were there — cool, but not intrusive, some of the patrons sang along. What a lovely evening! If Good Eatz keeps this up they will need to move to a larger site. I, for one, plan to spread the word!

  2. veggie wrap is awesome..I had my doubts too..try the mushroom stew..
    I am excited to keep trying items. I ask the servers what they like. I have also had the tuna wrap–good nice rare tuna, and the veggie omelet (like wrap, but an omelet).

    My first visit I had the Chicken Caesar wrap–not a fan.

  3. My family and I stumbled upon this place while wedding dress shopping with my newly-engaged sister. I had seen the Good Eatz products in Kimberton Whole Foods before, but I had no idea this cafe existed. As the only vegetarian in a family of meat eaters, I am pleased to say that the plethora of palettes that accompanied me for my lunch at Good Eatz a few weeks ago left pleased.

    I, too, had the veggie wrap, which was insanely delicious and accompanied by a very unique curry potato salad. My mother had the ahi tuna wrap (on recommendation from our server) and it came out perfectly seared in a wrap with seaweed salad. My sister had the special for the day, a steak wrap with bleu cheese and spicy seasoning which came with a rotini and garbanzo bean pasta salad.

    We will definitely be back for more!!

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