Hello, Vegetarians! This blog is dedicated to helping you learn how to live a healthy, plant-based lifestyle. My name is Jayne, and I’m happy you visited today.

On this blog you will find cruelty-free recipes, helpful tips for healthy dining out, and bits of wisdom I have collected navigating this vegetarian journey through a world of carnivores. For the last twenty years I have lived a vegetarian lifestyle and enjoy teaching others about healthy living and vegan cooking. Seeing people’s bodies and minds transformed as they change the way they eat is always exciting to me.

Please consider this blog a community experience. I hope that you can find support and inspiration here, and I welcome your comments as we learn together and grow in health.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. This website was created to help health conscious people access information about vegetarian-friendly restaurants, easy vegetarian recipes, and resources to help them navigate through the confusing maze of food misinformation that exists in today’s culture. I do believe that the vegetarian lifestyle is the ideal for a longer and healthier life.
    I strive to promote recipes that contain no meat, dairy, or eggs because these are all animal products. I cannot say that all recipes are vegan because I do believe in eating honey. My research has convinced me that it is the safest and most natural sweetener on the planet and has been used by humans for thousands of years for not only food, but also for medicinal purposes.
    I hope you enjoy the information you find here. All the recipes have been tested over and over again in my own kitchen. If they weren’t exceptional I wouldn’t share them. I strive to review vegetarian resources honestly and without bias. My deepest hope is that I can in some small way enlighten people to the joys and benefits of eating healthy foods not only for themselves and their families, but for the health of our planet.

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