Raw Banana “Ice Cream”

When it’s hot outside most people look for a cold treat like ice cream.  When I stopped eating dairy this created a problem because I really LOVE ice cream.   I have learned that frozen bananas make the best ice cream substitute ever.

It’s simple to make:  All you need are a Champion Juicer* and a couple of frozen ripe bananas. ( I like to wrap each banana in plastic wrap before freezing so they don’t stick together in the freezer.)  When you want a naturally sweet frozen treat simply run the frozen bananas through the Champion Juicer using the blank (not the screen).  What you will have is something that looks and tastes like soft-serve banana ice cream, but without all the negatives of dairy.  For variety you can add any frozen berries you desire.  This is also an inexpensive alternative to any sorbet on the market.

*If you don’t have a Champion Juicer you can use a food processor.  It doesn’t produce the same creamy consistency as the Champion so you may have to add a little rice or soy milk and some sweetener (the rice or soy milk will dilute the natural sweetness of the fruit).