Grilled Sweet Corn

This is another good recipe for those who are wondering what a vegetarian could possibly throw on the grill for supper. We like to grill corn on the cob in the husks. This requires soaking the ears for at least one hour.
If the corn has a lot of silk you can peel back only the top half layers of husk and remove as much silk as possible. Then rewrap the husks over the corn. Or, you can cut off as much silk as is hanging outside the husks. Usually I just leave it on. Once the corn is grilled the husk and silk remove easily, and that is part of the fun of eating outdoors anyway, and a way to get your guests involved in the fun, too.
Once the silk issue is dealt with, simply put the ears of corn in the sink and fill it with enough water to completely cover, and let them soak. I like to do this on a Sunday just before leaving for church. Then, when we get home and fire up the grill the corn is all ready to go.
Remove the corn from the water and shake to remove excess water. Place on cooking grate and cook on indirect/medium heat for about 25 minutes, turning 3 times. Husks may get brown and shriveled — don’t worry about that.
The corn will be very hot! Wear gloves or use ovenmitts to protect your hands while husking. (Each person husks his own ear of corn, so have a bucket handy for husks).
REMEMBER: organic corn is always your best choice.

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