Eat the Rainbow… All the Colors of the Rainbow

It seems like rainbows are everywhere today — TV ads, social media, posters, t-shirts and billboards. Did you know that God made the first rainbow? Not as a marketing ploy or a social/political statement; God made so many colors because he knew we would enjoy them!

I love that God thought of color as a primary way to entice humans to find nutritious food. In the beginning God made the different fruits brightly colored and easy to find peeking out from the green leaves in the garden. Fruit is designed to appeal to all of our senses, so we are instinctively drawn to it… IF we aren’t distracted by modern fake food. For a healthy, natural, sweet treat, fruit should be your first choice. Fruit is not only colorful, but fragrant, sweet and juicy, plus it comes in its own edible or biodegradable wrapper. Win! Win! Win! Win!

Too often, though, we are seduced by the subtle deception of manmade treats. The candy aisle and bakery department of the supermarket also display a colorful array of temptations, but do not be deceived.

This is not the rainbow you want to eat. These colors are artificial, and the sugar is much more concentrated than your body can handle. Candy cheats you of real nutrition. The label may say “fruit flavored,” but that is usually code for “chemical flavorings disguised as fruit.” This is not the way to “treat” your body!

This time of year you will probably be attending pool parties and picnics. Sweet treats and desserts will be ever present at these events. So you won’t feel deprived watching your family and friends indulge in unhealthy sweets, plan to bring a beautiful rainbow fruit salad, a watermelon, or fruit kabobs to share. You will be able to enjoy healthy treats, and I bet others will join you, too!

Genesis 1:12 – The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.

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