Taste of Crepes, 617 Penn Ave., West Reading, PA 19611. Phone: (610) 685-2001

Wow!  Another vegetarian friendly restaurant in West Reading — how lucky are we!

Last Saturday, during “Art on the Avenue,” we stopped to have lunch at Taste of Crepes, a tiny new restaurant on the main street of West Reading. At this restaurant they offer savory(entree) and sweet (dessert) crepes. My husband and I both ordered the grilled veggie crepes and a side of mashed sweet potatoes topped with chopped walnuts and caramel sauce, which was the lunchtime special. I have eaten crepes all over the world, and I have to say that these crepes, which were made with buckwheat flour instead of white flour, were not only the healthiest,  but also the tastiest I have ever had. As a bonus you get to watch the friendly chef prepare your crepes before your very eyes — an art form in itself. The veggies inside were grilled to perfection and the whole crepe was drizzled with a tangy white horseradish sauce garnished with dollops of pureed red pepper, cranberry sauce, and a single fresh basil leaf. The presentation was lovely despite being served on paper plates (the proprietor assured us that china dishes had been ordered and would be arriving any day).  The side of sweet potatoes was more than generous (three large scoops) and so yummy it could have been dessert. At only $1.00, this side dish was too good to pass up, and we’re so glad we didn’t!

I would highly recommend this casual friendly establishment for a quick lunch or a healthy informal dinner out. Our entire bill, including green tea for both of us, came to just under $20.00.

Taste of Crepes is open Sunday-Monday: 11 – 5, Tuesday-Wednesday: 11 – 6, Thursday 11 – 7, and Friday-Saturday: 11 – 9.

One thought on “Taste of Crepes, 617 Penn Ave., West Reading, PA 19611. Phone: (610) 685-2001

  1. As a vegetarian who lives in Reading, I am happy to have found your blog!

    I found the crepe place to have great service. The quality of the crepes is what you’d expect for a $7 crepe– not amazing, but fine. I look forward to trying their dessert crepes.

    As far as Good Eatz, we love their veggie wrap a lot.

    Thinking of trying Abigail’s tomorrow (which is how I found this blog).

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