Shop at Giant — they listen to their customers

Recently, while eating breakfast I noticed that my Silk Soymilk no longer stated that it was made from organic, non-GMO soybeans. I have used and depended on that brand for years, and was shocked that they had changed it. I contacted the Silk company and they told me that they did still make the organic, non-GMO variety, but my store had decided not to carry it. I immediately contacted the Giant on Van Reed Rd, and they were very responsive. Withing a week they had special ordered the “good stuff” from Silk, and you can find it in aisle 2 in the dairy case of their organic food section. So, I’m plugging the Giant for their excellent customer service, and urging everyone to patronize this store. If you want a specific product they will do their best to accommodate your request (even if they don’t understand it).

On the same subject: please be a label reader. Since this episode with the soymilk I have noticed that a lot of companies are no longer using organic ingredients¬† as they have in the past. Peace Cereal has quietly stopped using organic grains in their products. When I contacted them they said that the price of organic grains had increased threefold, so they decided to use non-organic ingredients and still produce a delicious product. I responded that there are already dozens of non-organic cereals on the store shelves, but I purchased Peace cereals just because they were organic — why should I buy them now?

Watch the labels closely. There is no bold print on the fronts of these packages proclaiming¬† “NEW and UNIMPROVED, MADE WITH 100% NON ORGANIC, GENETICALLY ENGINEERED INGREDIENTS.”¬† Who would buy it? If you aren’t alert you may find, as I did, that some of your favorite foods are no longer as healthy as you thought they were, and you may be innocently feeding your body something you really don’t want.