Do You Want a Whole Foods Market in the Reading Area?

This week I received the following email that I must share with the health conscious residents of Berks County.  I, for one, am tired of driving over an hour to get to the nearest Whole Foods and the products they offer. Please read this letter, and if you feel the same way send your letters to Senator Schwank asap.  Let’s make this happen!

Hi All,

Are you tired of trying to find a zucchini that doesn’t bend in half, being able to get Bobbi’s Hummus, crisp apples, or finding a persimmon in Berks County? I am! The other evening I had a conversation with Judy Schwank about our grocery stores (or lack thereof). We understand that Wegman’s and Trader Joe’s have no interest in coming here, but to date, Whole Foods had not said no. Sen. Schwank followed up our conversation by making a series of phone calls that put her in touch with the realtor for Whole Foods who does site selection in the mid-Atlantic region. He was surprised to hear from a state senator and told Judy that they are looking to expand, and Berks and Lancaster counties are two areas they are considering. To no surprise of any of us who have tried to get Wegman’s and Trader Joe’s here, he said that education demographics play a large part in their site selections, not exactly in our favor. What was different was that he was willing to entertain a conversation about bringing Whole Foods here. Sen. Schwank put him in touch with our economic development site selectors and they will continue their dialogue.


So that is where you come in. Sen. Schwank and I agreed that a mass e-mail, letter writing campaign would be a good way to show our interest. You are getting this e-mail because I think you are someone who cares about feeding your family well, you are a gourmet cook, you are a vegetarian or vegan, you have a family member with dietary restrictions that are difficult to find ingredients for, or you simply like to eat. I agreed to spear head a letter writing campaign. Judy has agreed to have all the e-mails/letters sent to her office where they will be aggregated and presented to Whole Foods. Please consider sending an e-mail stating your interest in having Whole Foods in the area. We have several locations that would be feasible so that they would not even have to build. To this end, all e-mails can be sent to Thanks for your help. See you at the ribbon cutting!


Please feel free to send this e-mail on to any of your friends and family. The more letters the better.

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